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Batch Tasks and Time Blocks

Batch Tasks and Time Blocks

Group similar tasks together and allocate specific time blocks to work on them. This approach enhances your efficiency and minimizes context switching.


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Batching for productivity

Batching is a common productivity strategy - group similar tasks together so your brain doesn't tire with too much context switching.

For example, to break your day into three-to four-hour work sessions with two- to three-hour breaks or naps in between. That way, you c...

Create space and time for hard tasks

  • Set aside large blocks of time for complex work. We will need a long gap for intense work as well as time to re-establish our task set. Continually switching tasks interferes with the quality of work.
  • Be consistent. Try to reserve a consistent time...

Time Blocking

Time Blocking

Time commitment to get started: Low

Type: Visual, abstract

Perfect for people who: Find small tasks and interruptions are taking over the whole day.

What it does: Holds you accountable to your daily plan by allo...

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