1. **Nonverbal Communication is Pervasive**: - Deepstash
1. **Nonverbal Communication is Pervasive**:

1. **Nonverbal Communication is Pervasive**:

Nonverbal cues, such as gestures, body language, and facial expressions, are an integral part of human communication and are often more powerful than spoken words.

"Only one percent of communication relies on words, leaving the other ninety-nine percent to nonverbal cues."


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Being an ambivert person, I am too much fond of reading, and always eager to learn.

"The Silent Language" by Edward T. Hall offers valuable insights into the intricate world of nonverbal communication, highlighting its profound impact on our interactions and relationships. Understanding these silent cues is essential for effective cross-cultural communication and building successful relationships in a globalized world.

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Communication is more than just words

It also includes body language:

  • 55 percent of what you convey comes from your body language.
  • 38 percent comes from your tone of voice.
  • Only 7 percent is from the words you choose.

You don't want to argue over the phone or email as they are stripped of ...

The Three Laws Of Performance: Law 2

Our language shapes our perception.

How a situation occurs, arises in language. Most people don’t realize the profound impact of our language on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Language is much more than our spoken/written words. It also includes our body langua...

12. Communicating effectively 💬

12. Communicating effectively 💬

  1. Listen actively: pay close attention to the speaker and demonstrate that you're engaged by nodding, making eye contact and providing verbal cues like "I see" or "Go on"
  2. Clarify your message: be clear and concise in your message. Avoid jargon or overly complex language
  3. Body la...

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