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3. Open-Minded

3. Open-Minded

An open-minded person is willing to hear and try new ideas. Creative people want to hear all the possibilities and explore them further. They do not judge others' ideas or perspectives. Instead, they take the time to listen to others so they can better understand them.

They also are open to new experiences, so they enjoy trying various ways of performing tasks. Trying new things can often bring excitement into their days. This can be as simple as taking a different route on the way to work one day or they may choose to work with someone new rather than teaming up with their usual colleague.


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A creative person is more than just an artistic ability. These are the 12 most common traits of a creative person.

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Benefits Of Being Open-Minded

  1. One is able to gain fresh insights on things that challenge their existing beliefs, expanding our knowledge pool.
  2. One gets opened up about new experiences and learns new things, eventually growing as a person.
  3. New ideas and experiences mak...

Being Open-Minded Means Asking Questions

We normally question others when they do not fall in line with our belief patterns.

Part of being open-minded is to be able to question yourself whenever new information is encountered. This can be about our existing knowledge, or about the trustworthiness of the source. W...

Confirmation bias: An obstacle to being open-minded

Confirmation bias is a major hurdle to being open-minded: We seek information supporting our current views and beliefs.

We can overcome this bias by being aware of it. We can take steps to work against it by actively pursuing information and perspectives that contradict ou...

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