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The Nature of the Mind

Tolle begins by discussing the nature of the human mind, which is often in a state of constant chatter and preoccupied with thoughts about the past and future. He explains how this mental noise creates unnecessary suffering and prevents us from fully experiencing the richness of the present moment.


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Peace, despite the noise in your mind

Peace, despite the noise in your mind

  • Understand it is impossible to silence your mind: It’s human to have thoughts. 
  • The more you fight your thoughts, the more you amplify them. Being non-judgmental is the key to stillness.
  • Whenever you analyze, you are always thinking into the past and future, not in the presen...

The Now is New.

The Now is New.

Four principles of Eckhart Tolle.

  • We are not the voice in our head but the observer.
  • Like the nature, stay in the present. Past and future does not exist.
  • Realization of unconsciousness is true forgiveness and that is...

The State of Nature

Jean-Jacques Rousseau speculated about what the world was like before societies were created. It was important for political philosophers as it could be used to explain the motivation for creating and supporting a state.

Rousseau suggested that the state of nature was a morally neu...

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