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Understand the Person and Your Relationship

Understand the Person and Your Relationship

Conflicts often sprout from the soil of misunderstanding and unmet expectations. Create a clear boundary that defines what can be expected from you. Invest time in comprehending the intricacies of the person and the dynamics of your relationship. It's within this understanding that the roots of conflict can be loosened.


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Conflicts, if not resolved, multiply. Resolving conflicts is not everyone's cup of tea, and everyone, when sees conflict, over react and try to overshadow other person involved in conflict.

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Identifying  Perceptions and Expectations in CBT For Couples

Identifying Perceptions and Expectations in CBT For Couples

Typically, the source of conflicts within relationships stems from two things. Distress from one partner’s unmet needs and the difficulty that emerges when that partner uses unhelpful methods to address or acknowledge the conflict coming from that unmet need.

In CBT, the therapist will work...

Defining group norms

Defining group norms

Group norms are the set of informal and formal ground rules that specify how people interact. The rules help members of the group determine how to behave. Advantages of clear ground rules within teams:

  • Meetings and communication are more constructive.

Take the lead of your performance review

  • Be sure to know what's expected of you. It’s really difficult to improve within your role when expectations have not been properly communicated to you. 
  • Ask for feedback. If your company doesn’t have a formal, regular feedback process in place, seek ...

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