1. They feel a sense of urgency. - Deepstash
1. They feel a sense of urgency.

1. They feel a sense of urgency.

When there isn’t an unrelenting sense of urgency, something always feels wrong to them. So to reinforce the urgency, they create a life that is overflowing with commitments, projects and deadlines.


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Self Motivated, Trauma Neutralizer, Lover of Persiflage & Communication!

We all experience drama. Some are just regal about it, its bred into their personalities. Identify and overcome!

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The urgency bias

The urgency bias

We usually give priority to unimportant tasks when there is a sense of urgency around them.

We’re actually psychologically wired to put aside important tasks in favor of tasks that feel more urgent. But spending our time taking care of urgent tasks can leave us feeling exh...

Rituals and the sense of control

Rituals and the sense of control

They are a powerful human mechanism for managing extreme emotions and stress, and we should be leaning on them now.
The utility of the ritual isn’t related to its practicality. Absurd rituals can have high utility. If it helps you create that sense of control, if it calms your anxiety, that’s ...

A sense of purpose

Successful people have a definite sense of direction. They have a clear understanding of what success means to them.

Everything they do is consistent with their goals. They look forward and decide where they want to be. Their day to day actions help them move closer to their vision.

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