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2. Erase The Past

2. Erase The Past

Try to get rid of every signs of the past memories. Thay hurt. But more importantly, they will hinder your growth. You will only waste some time in feeling the bitter memories, why not utilize that time in feeling good?!

"You deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel loved."


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Break-up Summary

Break-up Summary

As the proverb goes, "The depth of your love today is the depth of your wound tomorrow!"

Break-ups are one of the most painful events to deal with. But everything that has a starting point must have an ending point. Take your emotions for example. In a single day, you feel tons of emotions....


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3. Replace The Moments

3. Replace The Moments

Accepted it and dumped the signs?


Now, you had a habit of talking to that perosn, meeting up, hanging out on a specific schedule. You are bound to feel hurt and lonely at those times of the day.

What to do then?

Well, replace them! Liste...


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Ask Yourself

Ask Yourself

1. Did you deserve it?

2. Did you do anything wrong to him/her that they didn't deserve?

If both if of them are "No", congratulations!🎉

Ask yourself,

1. Don't you deserve to be loved?

2. Don't you deserve to be that person that you always wanted to be?

3. Don'...


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1. Accept It

1. Accept It

Yes, it is over. Yeah! That's a good thing. Accept it. Or just remember this

"You should never drink poison just because you are thirsty"

Same way,

"You should never have a toxic partner just because you would be lonely ...


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Learning and Loving

I have been through this. I want others to conquer this real quick!

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If the 2-Minute Rule Feels Forced To You

If the 2-Minute Rule Feels Forced To You

... try this: do something you want to make into a habit for 2 minutes and then stop. And keep repeating.

This reinforces the identity you want to build and, eventually, you will feel like it’s a waste of time to do only the two minutes and will invest more time on.

Recreate The Past

Recreate The Past

Think of a moment you were in a powerful state of mind. A time when everything went well. Try to be very specific and to remember everything in detail.

You have the power to control your mind. If you do that several times a day, you will notice that you start feeling that way again.

Mantras Against Anxiety

  1. Try starting a phrase with “I am” followed by an adjective and repeat slowly, as a set of three. Ex: “I am at peace”.
  2. Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever by repeating "this too will pass" in rhythm with your breath.
  3. Fit the following affirmation t...

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