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3. Prioritizing Tasks Based On Importance

3. Prioritizing Tasks Based On Importance

  1. Write down all of your tasks
  2. Determine which tasks are truly important
  3. Stick to a schedule that reflects your priority tasks
  4. Tackle your most intense, high-effort tasks first
  5. Focus on one task at a time (try not to multitask


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Habits are an essential part of our daily lives. They shape our behaviours, attitudes, and ultimately, our success.

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Prioritize Tasks

  1. Write down all your tasks.
  2. Identify what’s urgent and what’s important. After each task, mark them with “U” for Urgent and “I” for Important. 
  3. Assess value: look at your “I” tasks and identify the high-value drivers of your work. You want to find which ta...

3. Scheduling Tasks Ineffectively

A never-ending circle of tasks may feel devastating, cause stress, depression and burnout. 

Time management tips:

'Eating that Frog' in short

  1. Define your goals and write them down.
  2. Break those goals down into tasks.
  3. Break those tasks down into the smallest possible subtasks.
  4. Prioritize your tasks, and delete/delegate tasks you don't need to do.
  5. Schedule time on your calendar every single day, ideall...

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