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The Agile Project Manager Mindset

This is an important breakdown if your studying for the PMP certification.

This is best used with the Deepstash Ai text to audio feature!


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Change your mindset

There’s no reason to treat emails like they are emergencies.

Try responding as slowly as you can get away with, be it hours, days or even weeks. If something is truly important, let people know to call or text.

Eventually, this practice will reset expectations.

AI and trust

  • If an AI is trusted too much, we may get into trouble. For example, the need for a human in driverless cars.
  • If we train AI with biased data, then the AI will also be biased.
  • AI will lead to job losses, but it will also create many jobs.

AI is created to help...

Reading critically and preparing for exams

  • Reading critically can aid you when studying for a test, preparing for a discussion, and more.
  • If you have unanswered questions about the text, ask your professor or discuss the text with others.
  • Consider keeping a reading log to help you track your perceptions about readi...

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