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Rewiring Amygdala-Based Anxiety

Rewiring Amygdala-Based Anxiety

To rewire anxiety rooted in the amygdala, one must learn to communicate in the language of emotional memories. This involves associating different emotions with situations or objects that previously triggered fear.


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Discover the neuroscience behind anxiety and learn effective strategies to overcome it, as revealed in 'Rewire Your Anxious Brain' by Catherine M. Pittman and Elizabeth M. Karle.

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The phobia center of the brain

There is no one place responsible for phobias in the brain. Many parts of the brain take part. 

However, fear is important to the brain's emotional processing and learning center: known as the amygdala and the hippocampus, with a central role in the process of forming memories...

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Fear is the body's alarm system — it’s an innate emotional response to a perceived personal threat. 

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Anxiety can manifest itself as fear, restlessness, getting easily irritated, an inability to sleep or focus. Other symptoms include stuttering, sweating, finding it hard to talk to others, and feeling of being constantly judged.

Anxiety can also appear as a panic attack, or even a ge...

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