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Recipe For Dilusion

Recipe For Dilusion

1. Believe something

2. Never check To see if it is True

3. It will Always Seem


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Engineering Student

We only think of our actions and try to improve it but we never think about the reason behind every action

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Be sceptical

To be more independent-minded, be sceptical.

When someone says something to you, ask yourself "is that true?"  

You'll find "yes" is not always an answer.  

Some of what most people believe in will be proved false in the future, see if you can guess which ones.

The recipe for burnout

“Fast, always” is a recipe for burnout. If there’s one thing the pandemic revealed, it was our society’s “cult of busyness.” We were able to see just how much of our day was engineered to make ourselves feel busy, regardless of whether or not we were making tangible progress on a...

You need these three ingredients to be successful in life

You need these three ingredients to be successful in life

What comes to your mind when you hear successful people. Today, in this article we will look into three ingredients that you must have to be successful.

Number - 1 (Strong Believe)

Number - 2 (Direct your thoughts always towards your goals)

Number - 3 (People will help you achie...

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