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Be yourself

Exercise : Write down your strongest and most unusual qualities and talents. How can they best serve you in your quest for self-realization and personal growth?


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Host of Emerson Dameron's Medicated Minutes, LA's number-one avant-garde personal development program

The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche provides a uniquely powerful toolkit for discovering and acting on your true potential.

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Best version of yourself

Best version of yourself

This is one of the reasons why you should have the best version of yourself in writing so you can compare and see, Am I there yet. 

Do this thing today when you’re free. Write down the best version of yourself, Be as specific as you can be like: My ideal self is Financially independent or F...

Exercise to find your strengths

All you need to do is get little help from your family and friends

Ask them to write about your unique qualities

You can also do the same to your surrounding people. This will inspire them to write for you.

Another exercise is get a chunk of time and write a letter to you from t...

Understanding Self-Concept

Understanding Self-Concept

Self-Concept: How you see yourself - your skills, qualities, and personality. It evolves as you grow.

- Refers to the beliefs and perceptions an individual holds about themselves.

- Shapes thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

- How someone perceives and evaluate...

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