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To come into your full power requires accepting some heavy responsibilities, letting go of self-limiting beliefs and excuses that keep you small, and a willingness to get excited about your life again like you were as a child.


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The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche provides a uniquely powerful toolkit for discovering and acting on your true potential.

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Let Go

Let Go

Let go of the things that are limiting you:

  • your excuses for not keeping your promises
  • your small thinking
  • your irrational fears
  • you being attached to outcomes rather than to the process
  • your complaining instead of problem-solving
  • your self-sabot...

Signs That You Were Parentified as a Child

Signs That You Were Parentified as a Child

If you relate to any of the signs on this list, it might be helpful to get in touch with your inner child and allow yourself to experience that part of you.:

  1. Don’t really remember "being a kid”
  2. Trouble with play or “letting loose”
  3. Like to feel in control
  4. Pu...

Challenging Your Beliefs Takes Time

It's likely that everyone has a few self-limiting beliefs. 

To discover yours, spend some time thinking about your potential and assessing the assumptions you make about yourself that keep you from living your dreams.

It's likely tha...

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