Existential Risks: Uncertain Life #2 - Deepstash

Existential Risks: Uncertain Life #2

As Merleau-Ponty (1982) wrote: 'We understand the world from our phenomenological experience of our body.'


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interested in psychology, philosophy, and literary📚 | INTP-T & nyctophile | welcome to Irza Fidah's place of safe haven~! hope you enjoy my curations and stashes^^.

The Psychology of Covid-19 explores how the coronavirus pandemic is giving rise to a new order in our personal lives, societies, and politics. Rooted in systematic research on Covid-19 and previous pandemics, this book describes how people perceive and respond to Covid-19, and how it has impacted a broad range of domains, including lifestyle, politics, science, mental health, media, and meaning in life. Building on this, the book then sets out how we can improve our psychological and social resilience, to safeguard ourselves against the psychological effects of future pandemics.

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We live under the dictatorship of urgency. Pandemic science is based on statistical risk calculations, not on absolute facts or the results from nationwide experiments.

The myth of mind body separation

The myth of mind body separation

We think of our body as a brain that operates a machine of flesh & bones. Our mind distinctively separated from our bodies. It's why we think we can start living in the meta-verse.

But we don't have a body. We are a body!

All our consciousness is the result of our bod...

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Our definitions of success are made up and largely motivated by our emotional dysfunctions. Most people work towards the formula of success, striving for money, prestige and power, running towards a goal that keeps getting farther away. They get super exhausted and may experience a breakdown when...

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