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The Influence of Environment on Meditation

The Influence of Environment on Meditation

Your surroundings can significantly impact the quality of your meditation. A calm, peaceful environment free from distractions allows for deeper focus and relaxation, making your practice more effective.


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In this guide, we've journeyed through various ways to create your perfect meditation space, from cozy corners at home to serene outdoor settings and dedicated retreats. Remember, the environment plays a crucial role in your meditation practice, influencing your ability to relax and focus. Whether you're integrating natural elements indoors or finding peace in nature, crafting a space that suits your needs can significantly enrich your meditation experience.

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Meditation and nature

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  • A walk outside can calm your mind and body and help you further into a state of relaxation.

Reading As A Form Of Meditation

With just six minutes of silent reading, a person can lower their heart rate and ease the tension in their muscles by about 68 percent.

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