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1. Typeface

1. Typeface

  • The typeface is the overall style of the letters.
  • There are thousands of different typeface available, each with its own unique personality.


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Productivity Personalities

Just like all people are unique, so is the way each person approach productivity.

There are many different types of productive personalities:

  • The productivity guru
  • The excitable extrovert
  • The people person



While there are alternatives to use in place of the BMI scale, each tool comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, healthcare providers should use the available alternatives together with the BMI index to obtain a more accurate reading of their patient's health...

Using Personality Data For Successful Teams

  • Make it part of onboarding. Personality assessments can help new hires learn their own work style and how to work well with other styles.
  • Use tools to find personality types, such as Crystal Knows, Good&Co, or WealthDynamics.
  • Striv...

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