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Never Desire The Need Of Recognition

You are what you are you don't need any recognition


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I read this book and it was extremely helpful for me and it really boosted my confidence and mind and I have tried to share some points from the book but I suggest you to read the book it is excellent in many ways

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Deny the desire for recognition.

Wishing so hard to be recognized will lead to a life of following expectations held by other people who want you to be “this kind of person.” You throw away who you really are and live other people’s lives. Therefore, you should deny your desire for recognition. You’re not living to satisfy other...

Recognition over recall.

Recognition over recall.

Recognition leaves cues (e.g. "Are mint & lime in a mojito? ”), whereas recall doesn't ("What are the main ingredients in a mojito? "). The end goal of these questions is the same, but the former is easier to answer: you just have to recognise w...

The Region Of Face Recognition

  • Like an essential app on our smartphones, face recognition has been an important, often crucial ability for our ancestors, with the eyes playing a big role.
  • Evolution or nature has placed a special significance on facial recognition for most of us, with a dedicated region of the br...

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