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#1 Continued.

Bottom Section: 

Based on the analysis, distill what you've learned into a concise set of instructions for ChatGPT. This should communicate the essence of how you want ChatGPT to approach tasks for you.

For example:

  • "When assisting me, use a tone that is professional yet approachable, with clear, concise explanations suitable for a broad audience. Incorporate humor and light sarcasm where appropriate, and always aim for practical, actionable advice."


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#4 Continued...

Correction #2: Dedicated Q&A

Use Q&A sessions with ChatGPT to dissect and analyze reports.

  • Assume the role of a senior business analyst with over 20 years of experience. For the rest o...


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#1 Continued...

Then, find a creator or public figure you respect online and study their writing style on their blog or newsletter. Aim to reflect their tone, humor, and delivery in your ChatGPT interactions. Use ChatGPT, if necessary, to help analyze their style by sharing links or exce...


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#3 Mistake: Expecting perfect answers on the first try and giving up if it's not right.

Correction: Improve ChatGPT Responses

End your prompts by asking ChatGPT to propose questions that could improve its response.

  • Ask me five questions that would improve the response you'll be giving me.


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#4 Mistake: Only using ChatGPT to summarize information, not for actionable insights.

Correction #1: Extract Actionable Insights

Ask ChatGPT to apply information from articles to your specific role or challenge.

  • I'll share an article below on [Topic]. How does the infor...


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#5 Mistake: Collecting many ChatGPT prompts but not using them effectively.

Correction: Optimize ChatGPT Prompts

Identify prompts relevant to your daily tasks and refine them for effectiveness.

  • Assume the role of an experienced prompt engineer with over 20 yea...


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#2 Mistake: Thinking you need to be a coder to use ChatGPT for automation.

Correction: Automate Tasks Without Coding

Ask ChatGPT to write scripts for tasks (e.g., Google Docs automation).

  • Write a Google Apps Script for my 1:1 meeting notes in Google Docs that...


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#1 Mistake: Being too detailed in your ChatGPT instructions can limit its usefulness.

Correction: Simplify your customized instructions to cover broad use cases.

Top Section:

  1. Professional Snapshot: A one-sentence overview of your professional identity (e.g., "I'm a...


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Upon the release of a new feature, many rush to share untested "best practices" to capitalize on the hype, which may not be beneficial for users trying to maximize the use of AI tools like ChatGPT.

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