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6. Integration

Trust in intuition becomes integrated into their decision-making process and overall way of being. They learn to honour and respect their intuitive insights, recognizing them as valuable sources of wisdom and guidance in navigating life's challenges and opportunities.


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Trusting Our Intuition

Trusting Our Intuition

Our intuition can be a powerful tool if we learn to trust it. The journey towards trusting our intuition often begins by recognizing patterns and validating our hunches. This helps build confidence and deepens our trust in our intuition.

Here's how it usually unfolds:

  1. Noticing P...


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2. Testing Intuitive Hunches

Once people start noticing patterns, they may experiment with acting on their intuitive hunches in low-stakes situations. By taking small steps based on their intuition and observing the outcomes, they can begin to gauge the accuracy and reliability of their intuitive guidance.


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1. Noticing Patterns

1. Noticing Patterns

People start by noticing recurring patterns or subtle cues in their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. These patterns may seem coincidental at first, but over time, they begin to recognize a consistent theme or connection.


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3. Reflecting on Results

After testing their intuitive hunches, they reflect on the results to see if they align with their initial impressions. If their intuitive actions lead to positive outcomes or insights, they may feel encouraged to trust their intuition further.


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4. Building Confidence

With each successful validation of their intuition, people gradually build confidence in their inner guidance. They start to trust that their intuition can offer valuable insights and guidance, especially in situations where logic or external evidence may be lacking.


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5. Deepening Trust

Over time, people continue to rely on their intuition and see consistent results. Their trust in intuition deepens as they develop a sense of inner knowing and become more attuned to the subtle signals and messages from their intuition.


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We can trust our intuition, but before we lean on trusting our intuition, here is a step-by-step guide.

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