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<p>In the end, the law of attr...

In the end, the law of attraction is a concept that suggests individuals have the ability to attract positive or negative experiences into their lives based on their thoughts and focus.


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Hello, fellow knowledge seekers! I'm Abhijeet, a curious explorer in the vast ocean of information. I'm passionate about psychology. Do checkout my ideas where I described key points of the book with easy relatable examples. Happy Reading 😊📖

I described here about my understanding about the Law Of Attraction.

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Twin Principles

Twin Principles

Law of AttractionAttraction involves the idea that your predominant thoughts and feelings draw corresponding experiences or circumstances into your life.

a philosophy that claims one's thoughts determine their reality


Vision boards: the concept

Vision boards: the concept

The concept has been around for decades now, and was popularized by a few books and celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, for example). 

It's based on the Law of Attraction, which says that our minds are powerful tools that can turn thoughts and desires into ...

Learned Optimism in Psychology

Learned Optimism in Psychology

This is a concept that suggests that we can always change our attitude and behaviour, be aware of our thoughts and stop our negative self-talk.

Learned Optimism is a positive psychology concept, and is the opposite of Learned Helplessness, which states delves into people w...

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