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The Bottom of The Ocean (1)

The Bottom of The Ocean (1)

When I was younger, I thought self-reflection was boring.

Why would I ever lose my time analyzing my thoughts and values? Is it worth my time?

But that mentality brought me to my all-time lowest lows. And once the downfall started, I didn’t have any values or systems that could keep me on the surface. I was drowning, and I realized I never learned to swim.

You might have lived it yourself. But on the bottom of the ocean, everything is peaceful. There’s nothing there besides you and your thoughts. And a vortex of regrets pushes you on the salty ground.


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5 – Track your progress.

5 – Track your progress.

You don’t have to practice self-reflection daily to improve your mental health. But keep track of it, or you will run in circles.

So keep a journal for your self-reflection sessions. For example, I use


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The Challenge

The Challenge

You are reading an excerpt from The Challenge, a newsletter where I discuss self-improvement, goal-setting, habits, time management, and health tips and tricks.

Every week, you will get ...


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How to Become a Self-Reflection Master

How to Become a Self-Reflection Master

Self-reflection is the thin line that divides mediocrity from excellence. But nobody gave us a blueprint on how to use it. And, if you are here, I assume you have tried to use it before. Or perhaps you failed miserably.

So, ...


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5 Habits to Enhance Self-Reflection

5 Habits to Enhance Self-Reflection

Surprise, failure, and frustration are three emotions you can use to reflect on your personality. But they are only the starting point. And you won’t achieve much without good habits.

I lost many years trying to build a self-reflection habit...


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Before you go

Before you go

If you loved the newsletter and want to support my work, subscribe and share The Challenge with your friends and families!

Or, if you want to read more of my content, visit the 


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A - Surprise

A - Surprise

We often try to control our lives and predict the outcomes of our actions. It’s a natural tendency. So, when things go sideways, we are surprised and don’t know what to do. But that would be the perfect moment to reflect on your expectations and the outco...


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Pick a weekly or monthly recurrence and plan a self-reflection session. Or, if you want, you can do it by journaling daily.

Analyze your weak spots from your wheel of life. Write the highs and lows. Remove everything that is not u...



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C - Frustration

C - Frustration

Frustrations are often delays in time you can’t control. But they still bother us.

Yet, you can use self-reflection to enjoy your day. You can analyze the situation and understand things will eventually go your way. And ther...


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The Benefits of Self-Reflection

The Benefits of Self-Reflection

I have already listed all the benefits of self-reflection throughout the article. But here’s a recap, in case you like more structure.

  1. Self-reflection makes you explore many perspectives. You will observe each event fro...


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3 –  Explain your core values.

3 – Explain your core values.

Family, discipline, and leadership are my three core values – one for my foundations, one for my reality, and one for my future.

  • Family because it has always been there and supported me.
  • Discipline becau...


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The Self-Reflection Magic

The Self-Reflection Magic

Since our ancestors, there have always been people who tried to understand more about behavior and triggers. So, today, we have a vast literature of evolving characters that fail many times until they succeed. But we also have many disciplines tha...


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B - Failure

B - Failure

Surprises could be either good or bad. But failure is always damaging. And, worst of all, it happens in front of everyone.

The social pressure becomes unbearable if not managed correctly. And you may use the...


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2 – Spotlight behavior patterns.

2 – Spotlight behavior patterns.

Habit building is a big part of our lives. And sometimes, we delegate hours of our day to our habits. It’s an evolutionary shortcut, and we use it as much as possible. There’s nothing wrong about it.

Yet, we build bad habits more easily than...


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4 – Forgive, but never forget.

4 – Forgive, but never forget.

I have always forgiven the people who hurt me. And I can’t understand some of my friends who keep grudges. Is it worth it? I think it’s just childish.

It’s the refusal to accept reality. So, it’s always better to forgive people once you heal...


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1 – Never trade your honesty.

1 – Never trade your honesty.

I hate shame and frustration because dealing with them is challenging. And I used to trade my honesty to feel better.

I thought a small lie could help me feel better whenever I was in shambles. But every time I lied, I only felt worse. So, d...


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The Power of Self-Reflection

The Power of Self-Reflection

I work in a hyper-competitive environment.

Everybody seems like they are friends with anyone else. But deep under the skin, we all want to thrive and search for success and recognition.

We often focus on the go...


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The Simplest Self-Reflection Exercise

The Simplest Self-Reflection Exercise

You can use self-reflection daily. Or you can do it once a week or a month. Whatever the frequency, the result is what matters.

If you journal daily, you can read my article on


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The Bottom of The Ocean (2)

The Bottom of The Ocean (2)

The sunlight disappeared. You won’t find it anywhere besides a few elusive reflections. So you only have two choices:

  • You can build a castle of fake values and hope nobody will ever discover it once you emerge on the su...


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Passionate about self-improvement, personal growth, finance, and creativity. I love to inspire people to become the better version of themselves. Author @

Begin your transformational journey within! Explore the power of self-reflection to unlock personal growth and fulfillment. Embark on a path of self-discovery today!


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