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Dreams for Freud

Dreams for Freud

For psychoanalysis, dreams can reveal desires and traumas or other elements present in our unconscious. For psychoanalysis, dreaming is one of the ways to access the unconscious, a part of the mind that we do not have easy access to.

In the book "The Dream Interpretation of Dreams" Freud states that dreams are the fulfillment of a wish. These are hidden desires, desires that we often do not fulfill due to social impositions.


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Sigmund Freud (1856-1867)

Sigmund Freud (1856-1867)

He was an Austrian neurologist and important psychoanalyst. Freud was the creator of psychoanalysis and the most influential personality in history in the field of psychoanalysis and psychology.

Freud was born into a Jewish family in the tow...


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Why don't our dreams make sense?

Why don't our dreams make sense?

Our conscious mind tries its best to protect us from the "truth" hidden within the unconscious, because for the individual it is painful, so dreams appear confusing and difficult to interpret. However, through free association with a proper psychoanalyst, your dreams can ...


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Conscious X Unconscious

Conscious X Unconscious

The conscious level is nothing more than everything that we are aware of in the moment, in the now. It would correspond to the smallest part of the human mind. In it is everything that we can perceive and access intentionally.



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"The dream is a (disguised) fulfillment of a (repressed) desire".



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Psychology student. I like philosophy and things that try to explain the human behavior

I am particularly passionate about psychoanalysis and Freud's theories, so I will explain a little about dreams in Freud's view in a very punctual and basic way since it is a very dense content. (I remind you that it was the content I saw in psychology school and I make these stashes mainly to exercise my brain, memory and help you and your curiosities, thank you)

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Accessing unconscious thoughts

According to Freud, thoughts and emotions outside of our awareness continue to influence our behaviour, even if we are unaware of it. The unconscious can include repressed feelings, hidden memories, habits, thoughts, desires, and reactions.

Freud used dream analysis and fr...

Repression And Dreams

Repressed feelings can also pop up in our dreams, and the specific events that happen in the dream world. Analysing dreams, a speciality of Sigmund Freud, results in a lot of hidden impulses being revealed.

One can also find repressed content in fears, slips of the tongue and feelings tow...

Bad Dreams May Be Good

Dreams are a common experience throughout the world, with human beings, animals and even birds being able to dream in their sleep.

According to a cluster of studies over the ages, a few theories about dreams:

  • Dreams reveal hidden truths and desires.
  • They help us proce...

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