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To elaborate, I couldn't even touch my books at home, but when in the library, I couldn't touch my phone. WHY? Coz the library was full of people creating anxiety, and it was full of nerds and toppers, creating even more comparison factors which fueled my pain which in turn fueled my motivation.


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I cried a lot that night. Slept at around 4 and woke up at 5:30 coz of the load of motivation that mixture of pressure and pain gave me. I exercised, meditated, went to the library, and did everything an ideal student does. The exam pressure acted as a catalyst and made me face my reality. At tha...


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Absence of pain, pressure or passion leads to procrastination.



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It was very comfortable for me in my room scrolling Instagram. A few days later, I got to know about my exam schedule. That night, I cried a lot, for 3 hours straight unable to take breath? Why? The first reason was that my parents had a huge fight but that was probably insignifi...


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Who Am I

I am just a depressed philosophical soul who just observes humanity and speaks less than a paragraph per day.


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The classroom filled with students created social anxiety for me so I was unable to focus entirely on the lecture. I found a local library and realised that my efficiency is far more in the library than in the classroom. So, just for a change, I wanted to study from library. The moment I took tha...


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I am a tech geek and philosophical (simply means absent minded and lost in his own world). So, as a tech geek, I love programming. So, after several months of leaving my coaching, (yes, JEE doesn't require colleges and attendance), when I was still not able to study or complete even one chapter n...


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I started working on a project called 'Stepwise' which is way too inspired by Deepstash as I loved the app too much (I discovered the app in that break time, just before I started coding). It's basically Deepstash but the flashcards are generated by AI and not humans so you can ask anything and i...


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I used to work on that project 19 hours a day, sacrificing my sleep, even my meals, and everything. Didn't eveb bathe for the 7 days of development of Stepwise. I realised in the process that PASSION or even a simple little liking on any subject matter can push your boundaries wa...


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What About Self Control And Discipline?

A passion for self development or pressure from your mentors or teachers can only help you lead this path. I have never heard any successful personality say that he is successful because he was disciplined, NO! A person who just broke up with a woman he loved the most, goes through stages of imme...


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That Can't Be Possible!

Nearly everything, every form of productivity method you can imagine arise from these three things. The methods that don't meet this criteria don't last longer, not even a day in some cases.


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Absence of Pain, Pressure or Passion leads to Procrastination



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How Did I Create This Quote

I was pretty studious kid and was a genius for my age until class 8. I became depressed, suicidal, spoke way less than before and my mind filled with anxiety. I was on the verge of loosing it until COVID 19 came as a boon. I spent my 2 years of life which was maybe 90% of my life considering that...


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The Quote

Now, don't tell me that there are many other things which lead to procrastination or can help you achieve things in life, believe me there are not. I haved read almost every self help book, tried everything I can, watched YT Videos, read Reddit & Medium posts, watched many 'Slice of Life' categor...


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Is It Really A Dense Summary Of All The Self Help Books?

Not every self help book is covered. Atomics habits, Can't Hurt Me, The 5AM Club are some examples of the books you don't need to read after understanding this quote. Books like Ikigai, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, Think Like A Monk are some examples which isn't covered by this quote and ...


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How Did I Create This Quote

I always chased perfection and ideal scenarios. Then came, after the COVID ERA, in 2021, my JEE journey (2nd toughest exam of the world given by students in class 12), I was in class 11 preparing for it. I was just on the verge of coming out of depression when the study pressure ...


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A daydreamer who's really into psychology, philosophy & novels. Rate me at

You will not need any self help book if you absorb this very dense quote created by me after years of observing my behavioural patterns.

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I grew up very poor

Even tho I was making more money in comparison to the beginning of my career, enough to get by at least, I couldn't reduce my workload.

I was worried that I would've lost pace, I would've fallen behind. I wouldn't take any day off, I needed to work or it would've been the street again for...

“Every time I read a great book I felt I was reading a kind of map, a treasure map, and the treasure I was being directed to was in actual fact myself. But each map was incomplete, and I would only locate the treasure if I read all the books, and so the process of finding my best self was an ...


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