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Youtube is drastically changing their policies & making even the basic feautures premium. Also, every other company is starting to use a subscription model to increase profits. This has caused a huge spike in the subscription budget on an average individual. So, here are the tips & tricks to decrease your subscription budget 4 times!

Robots can store words, people can't! People need to connect the words like connecting the dots or simply put, a STORY. Example, if you read several ideas from a XYZ book on Deepstash, you will need spaced repetition or other such memorization techniques to memories the flashcards. Maybe ideas which are amazing can be remembered. But if you read the same from the book, then because of connecting the dots, story, examples, etc., there will be a higher possibility of remembering everything from the book & even applying it. Stories also calm people down which makes it a great tool for persuasion.

Ever got that feeling of satisfaction & happiness when you are doing something you like or when you are on the right path? These ideas describe those feelings of satisfaction & other emotions when you are truly on the right path!

A brainstorming session after watching a few documentaries, podcasts, movies & reading self help books led to these ideas

A comprehensive and detailed summary on the book 'The 5AM Club'. I have divided it into many sections. Each section for each chapter for the ease of reading. The ideas are concise & informative. Do read it fully as these ideas are all that you need for personal development. You will find similar ideas in almost all the personal development books. To get Deepstash Pro feautures for free, visit https://stepwise.janakg.me/

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A daydreamer who's really into psychology, philosophy & novels. Rate me at ubout.in/janakgohil


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