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Document the right things

Document the right things

"Be selective about what you document and what you don't."

"Documenting everything leads to noise that is a burden to maintain over time"

Whether something is worth documenting or not (why something is worth documenting):

  • What common questions do you spend a lot of your time answering (in active context)?
  • What information is poorly understood by your team?
  • What information is neccessary for people to make informed decisions?

"Documentation isn't free; you bear a one-time cost for writing it and a recurring cosst for maintaining it forever."


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Layer your communication

Layer your communication

"Structure your documentation to accomodate the different levels of investment with which readers will approach it"

Each readers has their own ways to read your document (from beginning to end...


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Consider the future

Consider the future

"Implement practices that help your documentation age well over time"

  • Be concise. Don't repeat yourself. Maintainers should have to update the same information in as few places as possible.


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Understand the audience

Understand the audience

Understanding the reader of your writing documentation:

  • What does the reader bring to the table? What context do they have that equips them to understand the context?
  • Why is the...


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just geek

Good documentation is essential to teams' productivity. It's hard to write documentation that is relevant, accessible and ages well over time. Everything changes time by time. Maintaince of documentation is essential to keep it fresh.

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