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Prioritize quiet time with God

It’s a regular appointment with God where you focus on Him alone through practices like prayer and Bible study.

Spend time with God. It is an investment with great dividends which includes a better relationship with God.


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7 Practical Ways to Grow Closer to God

Whether you’re just starting out on your Christian journey or looking to renew your faith, here are seven steps to help you get closer to God;

  • #1. Commit to daily Bible Reading.
  • #2. Make praying a habit
  • #3. Fellowship with other Christians.
  • ...


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Make praying a habit

Make praying a habit

A Consistent prayer life is another way to grow closer to God. Make a schedule that involves daily prayer.

Setting aside a specific time of the day for prayer shows how much you value a relationship with God and 'Value' is a must-ha...


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Check your desires.

One of the things that discourages Christians from drawing closer to God is fleshly desires. When your desires conflict with God’s will, they might lead you astray, taking you far from Him.

Let your love for God be expressed in words and de...


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Fellowship with other Christians

Fellowship with other Christians

Fellowshipping with other believers is a great source of inspiration and encouragement for anyone looking to draw closer to God.

When you’re around others who pray, you’re more likely to pray too.


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Drawing closer to God is a desire every Christian should have. It is necessary to examine ourselves periodically to see how well your relationship with God is going. And then, work on the areas you know isn’t going well.


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Meditate on God’s Word

Meditation is simply thinking deeply about what God is saying through a Bible passage.

Your number one reason for meditating is because God's word concerns you; It is good and for


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Conclusion On Drawing Closer To God.

You need to be intentional about daily Bible reading, praying, fellowshipping with other believers, etc.

And while you’re at it, remember that it’s not about perfection but progress. Be intentional about taking small increme...


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Commit to consistent Bible Reading

The word of God is the foundation for building a relationship with God. You can’t draw closer to God without learning about Him through the scriptures.

As you learn more about God through His Word regularly, your faith strengthens, ...


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Self Leadership and Development Enthusiast. Passionately learning and documenting how a life in Christ radically transforms even The Simple into leadership material.

Little consistent actions amount to Big things. Don't despise your humble beginnings.

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