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(BONUS) Cognitive Boost with Genius Wave

(BONUS) Cognitive Boost with Genius Wave

"The Genius Wave," a 7-minute brainwave-stimulating audio track, can enhance mental clarity and creativity, equipping individuals to navigate and understand the rapidly evolving landscape of AI.


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A deep thinker and a big enthusiast of technology.

Explore the turning point in Joe Rogan's perspective on AI, where a significant advancement in 2017 transformed his view, highlighting the unpredictable and rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its implications for the future.

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The genius

The genius

Genius is too elusive and too subjective to be easily identified. It requires too many traits to be simplified.

However, we can try to understand it by looking at intelligence, creativity, perseverance, and good fortune that interlinks to create a genius capable of changin...

"The Genius Wave" and Meditation for Mindful Exploration

"The Genius Wave" and Meditation for Mindful Exploration

Integrating tools like "The Genius Wave" program can sharpen cognitive abilities and foster a mindset conducive to discovery. Complementing this with meditation practices can heighten sensory aw...

Preventing Burnout

  • Do not isolate yourself: speak your concerns to your manager.
  • It’s a bug: As a software developer, see that the problem you have is a bug that needs to be eradicated.
  • Know your path: Meditate to find clarity and understand...

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