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Virtual dance parties are popular. What’s behind their rise?

African Dance As A Mean Of Communication

African Dance As A Mean Of Communication

The Guadeloupe island inhabitants in West Africa used dance as the main means of communication, with the art form of ‘Big Drum’ called Gwoka, which had different beat rhythms for different emotions.


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Virtual dance parties are popular. What’s behind their rise?

Virtual dance parties are popular. What’s behind their rise?


Key Ideas

Dancin’ In The (Virtual) Streets

The lockdown has resulted in restricted movement but has led to a rise in dance, as people strive for physical movement for fitness, stress relief, healing and human connection.

Dance is a universal language. And Social media and YouTube see live dance classes booming, while DJs go virtual, converting our living rooms into rave scenes with live-streaming dance parties.

Dancers and Social Communicators

They have a common set of genes, according to a recent study published in Genetics Journal, and the evolution of these genes dates back 1.5 million years.

Our ancestors were good orators and dancers, having specific skills for social bonding, where celebration, healing and rituals (like the Rain Dance in some cultures) were accompanied by dance.

Dance and Emotional Health

Dancing is good for the brain, as it kicks off endorphins, and increases our ability to form neural connections, making healing easier and reducing the risk of dementia considerably.

Dancing forms a deep emotional connection with the people around you, making it a beautiful way to experience joy and laughter with our friends and family.



Dancing benefits
Dancing benefits
  • Studies have found that dancing can improve balance, gait, walking speed, and reaction time, as well as cognitive and fine motor performance.
  • Dancing may help people with Pa...
10. Judgement is everywhere

Everyone will judge the way you live your life. What matters most is that you are content and happy with how you are living your life.

1. Laugh often

It counteracts the hard days.

2. Forgive and move forward.

The longer you dwell on those who have wronged you, the longer it will take for you to move forward and better your life. 

3. Be independent.

This is good for your self-esteem and prepares you for the reality that sometimes you can’t count on anyone. 

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