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Affection can be felt for almost anyone, regardless of their appearance, intelligence, or other qualities. It is the least finicky and the broadest of natural loves.

Affection is not proud and does not expect too much, turning a blind eye to faults and reviving easily after quarrels.

It is a love that can unite those who are not naturally suited to each other, and it can enter into and color other loves, becoming the medium in which they operate.


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"The Four Loves" by C.S. Lewis explores the nature of love, including the love between parents and children, love between friends, romantic love, and the love of God. It delves into the complexities, challenges, and rewards of different types of love, offering insights and reflections on the subject

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2. Friendship

2. Friendship

Friendship love, as described by C.S. Lewis, is a unique and often undervalued form of love.

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