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Anxious Avoidant Attachment

Anxious Avoidant Attachment

Another insecure attachment style is anxious avoidant attachment.

If overprotective parenting was traumatic for the child, they may resent their parents and distance themselves to protect their feelings.

They believe that their needs won’t be met, so they become emotionally distant and avoid close relationships.


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Avoidant Attachment Style

Avoidant Attachment Style

An avoidant attachment style often stems from a parent who was unavailable or rejecting during your infancy. Since your needs were never regularly or predictably met by your caregiver, you were forced to self-soothe.

As someone with an avoidant-dismissive attachment style:

  • You...

Ambivalent or Anxious Attachment Style

Ambivalent or Anxious Attachment Style

It’s likely your parent or primary caregiver was inconsistent in their parenting style, sometimes engaged and responsive to your needs as an infant, other times unavailable or distracted.

People with an ambivalent attachment style tend to be overly needy:

  • You may find it diffi...

Dismissive Or Avoidant Attachment Style

  • Many people find it uncomfortable to trust the other person or to get too emotionally close.
  • They are self-sufficient and do not need emotional intimacy.
  • They quickly pull away and ‘go in a cave’ when rejected or hurt.
  • Having neg...

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