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Understand That The Other Person Is Afraid As Well

Understand That The Other Person Is Afraid As Well

Just because you're the one making the move doesn't mean the other person isn't afraid or stressed. Always make the other person feel as if they've known you for years. Pick up the conversation when it seems like it's dying and don't forget to let the other person speak. A person that feels they can let their inner child free is instantly a potential partner. Actively listen to the other person because it can always help you continue the conversation later and it shows you are able to care. Always face the other person as a simple human, just like you, not some kind of higher being


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You've had your fair share of social interactions, you even feel like you are pretty good at communicating, but when it comes to dating or even talking to someone romantically/sexually , things don't seem to work out. Here's what might help:

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Let the other shine .

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