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One Step Closer To The Goal

One Step Closer To The Goal

You are set a goal you have to achieve it but you can't in one go so you have to take small steps in order to be closer to your own goals you can have a very special technique to do so or you can do in a very simple manner


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You can be better with yourself

You just have to take out any had to determine whether this is good for you for yourself or not for the source of then you have to share it if you like that you have to write something more important or more useful in your in your day and this is that the other like it and I need it

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One step at a time

New projects can feel overwhelming, so imagining how you will get from start to finish it hard.

But you don't have to do it all in a day. Pick one small thing that will take you closer to your goal. And focus on that.

Reasons To Postpone Goal-Setting

  • Uncertain goals should be set in the middle. This will enable you to set the correct challenge level to maximize effort.
  • Some research shows that for very complex tasks, goal-setting can hinder effectiveness. This is because complex tasks are cognitively demanding in the beginning an...

3 Keys to effective goal-setting

  1. Be Your Own Therapist And Shrink Yourself. Ask yourself why do you really want this goal and what feeling do you hope to get from achieving it.
  2. The Big Picture, Middle Picture, And Small Picture. Know the ultimate goal, the middle steps, and the micro steps needed each ...

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