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22.Boomerang Effect

Deny someone something, and they'll want it even more, out of defiance. If you want your child to eat broccoli, tell them they’re not big enough to eat broccoli.

Helps explain why censorship often backfires (the Streisand Effect).


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A coder & an addict of Knowledge.

Knowledge is meant to be shared, like a flame of a candle that lights another and the two brighten up the room. I want to give GURWINDER of https://www.gurwinder.blog his flowers. He came up with this amazing 30 Concepts. I just felt that the community here at Deepstash could benefit because this is a community that's quite intentional with their actions and aim at amassing a great tone of knowledge. During my earliest days on this platform I focussed on theories that explain humans, why and how they behave. I stashed a lot, I am pretty sure this will be of great use to the community, 🦉

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Tips to overcome side effects

  • Quit cold turkey. This includes prepackaged foods, sweetened beverages and white flour.
  • Eat more protein. Protein will help you avoid hunger.

  • Increase your dietary fiber to help you control your blood sugar.

  • Drink more water.

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