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The Danger of Utilitarianism

The Danger of Utilitarianism

Avoid reducing human experiences and emotions to mere facts and figures. Appreciate art, literature, and nature to foster a more rounded perspective. Take time to understand the emotional aspects of decision-making.


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"Hard Times" by Charles Dickens highlights the perils of industrialization and utilitarianism, showing dehumanization. Through vivid characters and a poignant narrative, it advocates empathy and a balance between reason and imagination, stressing the need for compassion in a changing world.

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Effective Storytelling

Elders and the aged people are able to tell stories in a more engrossing, entertaining way.

This may be due to a difference in the emotional quotient or the ability to capture and narrate human emotions and feelings, as opposed to mere facts and figures of a story.

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If I had to give advice across many aspects of life, I would ask people to take what’s called “the outside perspective.” And the outside perspective is easily thought about: “What would you do if you made the recommendation for another person?” And I find that often when we’re recommending someth...

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Emotions get a bad rap for negatively influencing decision-making. However, it’s impossible to divorce emotions from logic. The key is to understand how emotions are impacting your choices.

Understanding that, for example, anger makes us take more risks can help crysta...

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