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Staying consistent is what compounds our efforts into our dreams.

A negative mindset won’t serve you any more than a broken keyboard helps you type, change your mindset to better cultivate a better reality.

Everyone has goals, but unless you have a reason to get behind that goal, it’ll eventually fade. Tie your goals to strong emotional triggers to better work towards them.

Staying stagnant means regressing on your goals. Always keep moving, no matter how slow.

Failure comes from quitting. If you never give up, you’ll be that much closer to living the life of your dreams.


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Learn how important consistency can be, and how you can become more consistent in your goals.

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Motivation without action is simply hype. Unless you do something every day that brings you closer towards your goals, you will not accomplish anything at all.

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Tips for encouraging a growth mindset (in yourself and in others):

  • Don’t praise ability or intelligence: That promotes a fixed mindset. Compliment effort, process and choices.
  • Don’t ignore outcome, tie it to effort: You can be happy about success, but attribute it to effort.
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Discuss your goals and dreams

Having regular discussions with each other about goals, dreams, passions and the future, in a way that’s positive and inspiring, will not only bring you closer, but it will also bring your collective desires closer to reality.

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