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Why Consistency Matters

Showing up to any goal is what helps you progress. The more you show up:

~ The more you get done

~ The faster you progress

~ The easier it becomes to stay consistent


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Overcoming A Negative Subconscious

Learning why you do what you do is vital for results. For this to work you’ll need to examine your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Often times when we don’t want to do something, our subconscious remembers that and puts limitations on future progress. The opposite is true however and the more love and attention we give to something, the more our subconscious will think about it. When you get your subconscious to start thinking, you’ll get more ideas, and you’ll open up a lot more towards your goals.


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Identifying Why You Want It In The First Place

With any goal, it can be hard to keep that motivation and consistency to really stick. The main things that drive us, are often much deeper than we give them credit for. Here’s an example:

You don’t want to lose weight, but you’re tired of people making fun of you and not having any respect for you.

The driving force here is inadequacy. You hate the person you’ve become and want to become better. When we tie our goals to really strong emotions such as hate or love, we connect with them better and can be much more willing to work towards them.


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The Idea Of Staying Static

The goal is to always move forwards. Ultimately if you aren’t progressing, you’re regressing. And after all the work that’s already been it into our goals, that’s the last thing we want. To overcome this, we have to realize that what we achieved yesterday no longer matters. It’s about what we do day after day. Giving up after a week is no way to succeed in a weight loss program. There will come a day where you can relax and focus on other goals, but that day is not today.


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Why People Fail

To become great in any human metric is going to be difficult, it’s not for everyone. And if you can’t handle a little pain and discomfort, then maybe it’s not for you. Most people give up before they fail, and they never get to see the final result from their labors. The best way to overcome this is to simply realize that it’s going to be difficult, and that’s why it’s worth pursuing. If everyone had it, it wouldn’t have any value would it? It’s valuable because it’s difficult to obtain and that makes people envious of those who can put in the work.


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Staying consistent is what compounds our efforts into our dreams.

A negative mindset won’t serve you any more than a broken keyboard helps you type, change your mindset to better cultivate a better reality.

Everyone has goals, but unless you have a reason to get behind that goal, it’ll eventually fade. Tie your goals to strong emotional triggers to better work towards them.

Staying stagnant means regressing on your goals. Always keep moving, no matter how slow.

Failure comes from quitting. If you never give up, you’ll be that much closer to living the life of your dreams.


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