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Someone's Real Behaviour:

Give them "FREEDOM".


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Freedom Fries

For a few years, French fries were renamed as Freedom Fries in the United States, as a way to protest against France’s refusal to give them political support in the Gulf crisis.

This was later restored in 2006, and Freedom Fries became French again.

Behaviour Psychology

Most of these addictive mobile games are casual ones, and raked in $50 billion dollars of annual revenue in 2018 alone, more than what Hollywood’s global revenue was in that year.

Core gaming has dedicated followers and are complex, requiring commitment and skill. They require years of com...

External seeking behaviour

External seeking behaviour

Catastrophisers rush to external sources to calm themselves down: matching symptoms online to obtain a diagnosis and treatment options; asking a professional to tell them that they will survive etc. Once they are reassured, they feel better – in psychological jargon, they have “rewarded” this see...

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