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Role Models

Who do you look up to? You probably look up to them for a reason. Is it the way they talk? Is it how they dress, emulate the things that make these role models so great in your mind.


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Confidence doesn’t come from 15 minute YouTube videos. It’s something that takes time and hard work to develop. This is your guide to becoming confident in your life.

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2. You’ve learned to procrastinate from role models.

Your parents, siblings, or other important role models may have demonstrated a “put it off” attitude, which you’ve now adopted as your own.

Solution: Talk to yourself about the negative consequences these role models faced when they procrastinated. Then find new role models...

Find a role model

Find a role model

Who is your role model?

Have you ever thought of who inspires you do become a better version of yourself?

If you want to be more assertive, find someone you admire who's assertive. Try to strike up a conversation with them and ask them how they do it.

By d...

Get a role model

Models give us templates for how to be better people as well as how to feel happy.

If someone is repeatedly successful, it’s not just luck. Watch your role model work, see how they do it and then replicate to achieve the same result. The same rationale can be applied to feeling happy...

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