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As always, a few words from myself. I have experienced burn out at the peak of my career and it just voids you of all the excitement and joy in your life. You feel kind of like a robot stuck in a rat race. Instead, you should strive to build a life that helps you not only succeed but also to enjoy yourself. Go on tours, meet new people, read more books, exercise often, eat healthy and learn yourself new skills. Believe me, you’ll find your life much more fulfilling and entertaining.



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Full time reader (and part-time Growth Consultant) trying to make the sense of the world by learning from the experiences of intellectuals around me and before me.

Have you ever wanted to tell yourself, “That’s enough of it. I want to take the steering wheel of my life and prove to everybody that I can move forward, break all barriers and succeed in life?” If yes then this book is specially tailored for you. Read on to learn how to stop making excuses and win.

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Stability Or Freedom

Stability Or Freedom

Exposing yourself to new challenges, and audacious pursuits that push your limits and provides new learning is a much better way to live and grow than to work in a static career which is on auto-pilot and of which you have little control of.

While professional jobs are great as stepping...

Keep developing Yourself

Keep developing Yourself

There’s nothing more exciting than the rush you get when you get new ideas or when you daydream about the future.

At the same time, when you have no outlook on the future at all, you feel stuck and depressed. Am I right?

    Get the most out of a conference


    • Focus on how networking is good for your career
    • When choosing a sessions, consider whether you’ll learn something or meet someone new
    • Create networking situations where you feel comfortable.


    • Spend all of your time with cow...

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