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2. Do Not Lie To Your Child

Being lied to causes uncertainty. When children are uncertain about the future, they become risk-averse and apply temporal discounting to reduce perceived values of future rewards.


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  • Optimism Bias is when we are sure about the success of a certain project or venture and do not take into account the scenarios of failure.
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Overcoming victimhood

  • It starts with the way we educate our children. Young children that receive uncertain or inconsistent care are more prone to develop TIV.
  • If people are conscious of the four aspects of victimhood, they can better understand their intentions and reduce these tendencies.

Rule 011: Do Not Overprotect Your Children

Rule 011: Do Not Overprotect Your Children

Children often do things that are dangerous and we shouldn’t always intervene because by placing themselves in danger they learn how to be competent and that is a way to safety.

We’re hard-wired to enjoy risk to some extent, it’s a natural mechanism that prepares us to face the world...

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