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Bring Changes

Bring Changes

There's a need to shift our mindset, recognizing that social media is not everything and focusing instead on real-life achievements and personal development


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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary

The Genz Generation Irony of this post is that I am writing this article. Though I have no issues with people, their culture and the freedom to whatever they want, the problem lies in the mindset. Here's how the social media is manipulating today's generation and sadly we couldn't do it much.

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5. Do Not Compare Yourself To Those On Social Media

5. Do Not Compare Yourself To Those On Social Media

Remember that not everything you see on social media is real. Most people upload their best photos and best experiences of life on there. That gives others the impression that their life is all butterflies and rainbows. 

However, that is probably not the case. We all go through tough times,...

Toxic comparison

To break free from the temptation to compare, audit your social media feeds.

If you find yourself thinking about how your life matches up to a friend’s when you’re not on social media, try to shift your perspective. Think about their human traits, vulnerabilities, and things that you...

Focus on what you need to discover

To get comfortable with change, shift your focus. Are you focusing on what you know and what is in front of you? Instead, focus on what you still need to discover. 

What we don’t know is far greater than what we do know. Every week we put plans into place t...

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