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Problem of Nihilism

Problem of Nihilism

Rejecting everything leads to nihilism. There is no inherent meaning to the universe. It is neither inherently positive nor negative. Some find it freeing. But for most it is a black hole. We can’t make decisions. Don't know what to do with our life.

  • How do we accept death?
  • How do you live morally?
  • How do you raise children and tell them what to do or not do?
  • How do you choose one way or another?
  • Is it unethical to bring children into the world to suffer?
  • How do you keep functioning in the matrix when you see it’s an illusion?
  • How do I make sense of not having free will?
  • What do I do now?


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Life-long learner. Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, philosophy, Buddhism & SF. Founder @deepstash.

Brittney offers a personal spiritual path that is free of dogma or false beliefs but also meaningful. She calls it Secular Spirituality.

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