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Awe is an intense emotional experience often characterized by a sense of wonder, amazement, and reverence in the presence of something profound, often leaving a person feeling humbled and deeply moved. It registers differently in our brain than feeling joy or happiness. This place is the center of spirituality, the experience that starts religions rather than the religions themselves.

The concept of God stems from this feeling: collective consciousness, something that is bigger than us, but that we are a part of. "I am to God as bees are to a hive."


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Life-long learner. Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, philosophy, Buddhism & SF. Founder @deepstash.

Brittney offers a personal spiritual path that is free of dogma or false beliefs but also meaningful. She calls it Secular Spirituality.

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Feelings of awe

Feelings of awe

Awe is the emotion we experience in the presence of something great or vast, and rich in information. When we experience awe, we're stunned by something and feel captivated by it. It is typically a positive experience.

Research shows that experiences of awe in nature can r...

Awe: Changing Our Mental Models

The feeling of awe or extreme wonder changes our mental models, as we are dumbstruck with the new mind-bending information. It can be accompanied by fear, anxiety and delight.

The person experiencing this feeling often has a memorable, beautiful adventure or encounter, that can alter beli...

A Scientific Approach To God

Certain religions like Buddhism are scientific in nature and do not talk of any all-powerful deity or God.

They focus on inner transformation, teaching spiritual exploration, or endeavor, with practical experiments in knowing the self and looking at the world with a feeling of wonder and ...

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