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The Process of IQ Testing

The Process of IQ Testing

IQ testing is conducted by qualified professionals who are trained to administer, score, and interpret the results accurately.


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Professor of Cognitive Psychology

IQ testing is a valuable tool for assessing cognitive abilities and guiding decisions in educational, clinical, and occupational settings. Understanding the components, process, and interpretation of IQ tests can empower individuals to utilize this information effectively. By recognizing the strengths and areas for development identified through IQ testing, individuals can pursue strategies to enhance their cognitive abilities and achieve their full potential.

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History of the IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

  • The term IQ was first formulated in the early 20th century by William Stern (a German psychologist).
  • Psychologist Alfred Binet developed the first intelligence tests to help the French government identify kids who needed extra academic help.
  • Although widely used, there con...

Music can increase your IQ

Music can increase your IQ

Studies found that 90% of children exposed to music experienced physical changes in their brains and that allowed for increased transfer of cognitive information.

In a study conducted by York University, children exposed to music tested higher on verbal IQ tests involving word recall, infor...

IQ: Intelligence Quotient

IQ: Intelligence Quotient

  • The IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a test to measure a person’s cognitive ability, using a standardized scale of Median=100.
  • The test has questions that score us on our ability to solve problems, perceive relationships between concepts and our ability to process inf...

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