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The Psychological Immune System

The Psychological Immune System

Humans possess a psychological immune system comprising cognitive processes that help us adapt to and find contentment in various circumstances.

This system allows us to synthesize happiness, adjusting our outlook to maintain a positive state of mind. This ability to create synthetic happiness is comparable to natural happiness, which arises when we achieve our desires.

The society often undervalues synthetic happiness, perceiving it as inferior to naturally occurring happiness.

Despite this perception, synthetic happiness is a powerful tool that helps individuals cope with adverse situations.


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Along the path of its evolution, the human brain has undergone a transformative evolution, increasing in size and complexity. This remarkable growth, particularly in the prefrontal cortex, has equipped humans with unique cognitive abilities, including the power to simulate experiences before they occur. Such capabilities have profound implications for our understanding of happiness and decision-making.

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Psychological immune system & Synthetic happiness

Psychological immune system & Synthetic happiness

  • Natural happiness - what we get when we get what we wanted.
  • Synthetic happiness - what we make when we don't get what we wanted. It is as real & enduring as natural happiness because our psychological immune system works best when we are stuck.

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