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Highlighting or underlining random texts and remembering them is a form of distinction. Making information stand out, one more eye-catching than the other making it more valuable for the memory. For example:

  • The information and persuasiveness of a book determines it's value.

The word 'book' is bold while 'information' and 'persuasiveness' is underlined. To stand out than the other words.


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A great reader and writer. Here is the full series: https://dsta.sh/FWYHadQzx6CXdzrK7

Are you studying the day before the exam? Or are studying while the teacher is distributing the papers?Either way this course will serve as a guide in studying in all situations, even when the teacher is distributing. Master the fundamentals and techniques, and you will survive every test (maybe)

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Rereading Material

How to really learn: Instead of rereading, highlighting, or underlining important information, ask yourself:

  • ‘What is the author trying to say?’ 
  • 'How is this different than other things I’ve read?’ 
  • 'How does this relate to other material I know?’ ...

Method for better memory

Method for better memory

There's only trained memory or untrained memory - no good or bad memory.

  • MOM method: Motivation (make remembering personal). Observation (attention is directly related to retention). Methods ...

When it comes to knowledge, think like an investor

When it comes to knowledge, think like an investor

Most information out there will be outdated in months, and it will be a bad strategy to base your knowledge on easily perishable blocks. 

The strategy here is to consume information that has passed the test of time. A classic book will be more valuable than the latest New York Times №1 best...

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