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This course is my knowledge of writing, it focuses on a general area rather than a specific area. Mastering this art is powerful, since not only you will be good at writing, you will be better at communication since writing is expressing your thoughts and social aspects are mostly made of it. ✍️

It is the art of long-term plans, finding the right set of steps and the right goal. It will work everywhere such as games, study, social, etc. Master this art, and you will win at the end.

Are you studying the day before the exam? Or are studying while the teacher is distributing the papers?Either way this course will serve as a guide in studying in all situations, even when the teacher is distributing. Master the fundamentals and techniques, and you will survive every test (maybe)

A lot of young people make bad decisions. Picking pleasure rather than productivity. This course will serve as a guide, a system you can use to find the best option out of all.

Observation is the art of gathering information about what you see. Mastering this powerful skill makes you a holder of secrets, the one who holds the cards, and anything else.



A great reader and writer. Here is the full series: https://dsta.sh/FWYHadQzx6CXdzrK7


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