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Beliefs and Attitudes

Beliefs and Attitudes

Consistency and Belief

Profitable trading requires trust.

You need to believe. The belief comes from doing.

What you become in life is dependent on the decisions you make and how you react to decisions made on your behalf.


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as a trader, this is the best book I have ever read on trading psychology

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Self-awareness and change

Self-awareness and change

If you aren't aware of what you're currently doing, it's very hard to change your life with any degree of consistency. 

Measurement bings self-awareness in line with reality.  Once you're aware of what's actually going on, you can make accurate decisions 

Our Feelings And Our Beliefs

We are always more inclined to believe in what we feel.

When we become suspicious of our feelings and try to trust data and our rational mind, we move beyond biases and prejudice that exist in our feelings and emotions.

Mechanisms needed for individuals and groups

Both individuals and groups need mechanisms to review how their decisions are made.

  • Many businesses are averse to appointing someone to keep statistics on the decisions made and evaluate the biases, errors, the wrong forecasts, and the misjudged factors to make the p...

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