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Adapting and Learning

Adapting and Learning

The lesson comes after the test.

Only through a dedicated approach to practice, with a specific attention to finding your mistakes, will you improve.

I have trained myself to expect the pain.


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as a trader, this is the best book I have ever read on trading psychology

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The learning zone and the performance zone

The learning zone is when our goal is to improve. Then we do activities designed for improvement, concentrating on what we haven't mastered yet, which means we have to expect to make mistakes, knowing that we will learn from them.

That is very different f...

Bloom's Taxonomy for Effective Learning

A method used by teachers to improve learning: Students are asked to deal with increasingly challenging questions to test their comprehension of a given material. By asking critical thinking questions, all levels of thinking are being developed. 


How to spend more time in the learning zone

How to spend more time in the learning zone

  • Nurture the growth mindset: Believe and understand that you can improve.
  • You must want to improve at that particular skill. There has to be a purpose you care about because it takes time and effort.
  • Know how to improve, what you c...

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