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"To be aware is to watch your bodily responses, your mind, and your thoughts as you go through life without controlling them or directing them."

From the Book: Mind Without Measure



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In this collection of quotes "On Awareness", Jiddu Krishnamurti delves into the profound concept of awareness. He emphasizes the importance of observing our thoughts and actions without judgment or interference. Through these timeless quotes, Krishnamurti invites us to explore the transformative power of awareness in our daily lives, encouraging a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Whether you're new to his teachings or a longtime follower, these insights offer a valuable guide to living with mindful awareness.

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2. Set a Timer (5 Minutes or more) And Watch the Time Go By

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Meditation Book: 3 Passage: 4

Meditation Book: 3 Passage: 4

Do not waste the remaining part of your life in thoughts about other people, when you are not thinking with reference to some common good. 

Why deprive yourself of the time for some other task? Thinking about what so-and-so is doing and why, what he is saying or plotting, a...

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